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NEC Pony Club

CHAIRPERSON: Jenny Christie 07762992321
TREASURER: Brenda Gajczak 01573 223049

CAMP ENQUIRIES: Victoria Dickson 07787532350 Email:

NEC ‘Pony Club Centre’ is aimed at children of all ages and abilities who don’t have their own pony and would like to develop their horsemanship. Currently there are over 40 members ranging from age 6 to 21.

We have a very active programme including a variety of rallies e.g. achievement badges, pony club tests, showjumping, games, dressage, lunge lessons, stable management, cross country and of course an annual camp. We have a large indoor school and are able to run all year round. Teaching is mainly by Jenny Christie, with other Nenthorn or external teachers being brought in when suitable. Normally children are asked to be at a rally for an hour ahead of riding to get their own ponies ready, and for an hour  afterwards to care for it and turn it out.  This is really valuable experience and working with the horses on the ground is great for building confidence. One of the other benefits of membership is a reduced rate at certain events at NEC.

If your child would like to join, please contact Jenny in the first instance.

For more information on the aims & activities of the The Pony Club please see their website.

Pony Club Camp 2019

This year's camp runs from Wednesday 3rd July - Saturday 6th July. The camp application form and letter can be found here.

All of the below is suitable for lead rein onwards - text Jenny for further details & to book 07762992321.

What's on at Easter

Monday 1st April - Kids Fun Activity Morning - Stable Management, Games, Grooming (unmounted) -11am-1pm - 

cost: PC Members £20: Non PC Members £30

Monday 1st April - 2 hour hack - 1pm-3pm 

Cost: £30 for PC members: Non PC Members £40: Adults £45

Tuesday 2nd April - Stable Management for ABRS Tests plus test day - 12noon - 3pm 

cost: £35 (includes test) Text Jenny for more info (open to all)

Wednesday  3rd April - Own a Pony Day - 9.30am-3pm - Learn how to look after a pony. 

Cost:£35 Pc Members: £45 Non PC Members (children only)

Friday 5th April - Easter Themed Games with Gillian McFadyen  2pm-3.30pm 

Cost: £20 (open to all)

Monday 8th April - 2 hour hack - riders to be on the yard by 10am and will be ready for pick up by 2pm - 

cost: PC members £30: non PC members £40: Adults £45

Wednesday 10th April - Jump lessons for all ages and abilities - 1 hour sessions with groups of 3 - riders to be on the yard by 10am and will be ready for pick up by 2pm - 

Cost: £20 (Stable management in between)

Friday 12th April - Wee Showjumping Competition (Easter Themed) - Open to all (to build confidence) - Novices and Children only. Heights 45cm-75cm - 

Cost: hire of pony £10 & £8 per class.








OFF-ROAD RIDING We are trying to improve our off-road riding possibilities, so that we can have safer hacking out. It would be appreciated if parents could write letters, 'To whom it may concern', stating that their child benefits from hacking out & that they support our efforts to imrove the safety aspect. Alison has some examples already written if you'd like to see & she will collect them all together