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If you are interested in any of the horses on this page then please contact  Jenny:

Jenny 07762 992 321 (if you don't get an answer send a text and we'll get back to you)

Horses for sale

Lucy,13 hand 10 yrs old cob mare ***SOLD***

A sweetheart to handle, loves people .

Lucy somewhere along the line (we don’t know when) has had a fright with either a whip or something behind her) we have worked hard now between owners and nenthorn to get the pony's confidence back

She will now hack everyday on her own and jump anything put in front of her ..

She’s great with farrier ( goes bare foot ) but has had shoes on before and great to clip

Never bucks just needs someone who wants to jump and isn’t frightened of speed.

£600 or would consider long term loan

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16.2hh 7 yr TB x Shire gelding ***SOLD***

A very easy, straightforward horse to do in all respects with not a bad bone in him. Very affectionate & thrives on equine/human company 

Great to clip, shoe, load, vet etc. Up to date with everything inc 6 monthly back checks & teeth. Been produced slowly & correctly giving his big frame time to mature

He loves to work & thrives on it but doesn’t need ridden everyday. Lives in or out but does love his stable in the winter 

Schooling beautifully, can be lazy but has a big engine & moves extremely well. Finding lateral work easy & picks things up super fast. 

Loves to jump, proving really honest to a fence...barrels, fillers etc. Would easily BE90 with a bit more work & would make outstanding Working Hunter. Hunted in Ireland. 

Hacks alone & in company. Buckle end ride in company but does need a confident rider alone - no nastiness but can look for reassurance at times however if you’re relaxed & happy, he’s relaxed & happy 

Great in traffic inc tractors....totally used to farm life & is perfect with dogs, sheep, cattle, quads, guns - nothing phases him. 

Extremely special horse who will only be sold to the very best of homes where he will get to fulfil his huge potential & continue to receive the love & attention he has always had.

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Trot Work


Jumping 2

Canter work

Rosie, 11 yr 14 hand bay New Forest mare .. ***SOLD***

Has done all pony club activities and is well schooled.

Excels common riding and hunting and brilliant in company.

Can be nervous on her own so not a novice ride but never bucks rears etc, just quick. A typical mare but we all love riding her.